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Xymenic acid – characteristics, action, properties

What is ximenic acid? Characterization of the substance

A substance called ximenic acid is obtained from white sandalwood. Due to its structure and chemical properties, it belongs to the category of emollients, i.e. substances that leave a delicate protective film on the skin, just like most oils or butters. In sandalwood seeds, it serves as a natural protective barrier - it helps eliminate the potential harmful effects of environmental factors, including bacteria, fungi and other organisms.

The substance called ximenic acid has the form of a slightly creamy powder and is highly susceptible to the oxidation process. Due to this risk, in finished cosmetic products intended for long-term use, it is usually combined with chemical stabilizers that allow it to retain its properties for longer.


What are the effects of ximenic acid in cosmetics? Application examples

What are the benefits for the skin of using cosmetics containing ximenic acid? Among them, we can point out, first of all, a clear improvement in the skin structure, its visible smoothing and firming, and, consequently, a visual rejuvenation effect, confirmed by research. Correction of elasticity is also associated with increased strength of the epidermis and improvement of its natural protective barrier and resistance to micro-damage.

Xymenic acid is also believed to have antioxidant properties, which is directly related to slowing down the aging process and improving the contours of the face - it neutralizes the effects of free radicals. Moreover, this substance stimulates circulation, supporting oxygenation and nourishment of epidermal cells. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, so it is a suitable product for sensitive skin. It supports regeneration and also strengthens the elasticity of fragile and weak blood vessels.


What type of skin is ximenic acid best suited for?

Due to the numerous applications of ximenic acid, it can be said that it is a good choice for many skin types. However, there are some that will derive particular benefits from it. This applies primarily to skin with visible signs of aging - the first wrinkles that appear under the eyes are often the result of slower collagen synthesis processes. Meanwhile, products with ximenic acid used regularly visibly improve the condition of the skin, being an excellent response to the process of sagging epidermis.

Due to the relatively mild, regenerative and repairing effect of ximenic acid, it can also be used by people with sensitive and acne-prone skin. It does not have a comedogenic effect, i.e. it does not contribute to "clogging" of the skin, it regenerates it and has anti-inflammatory properties.


How to use ximenic acid? Care routine

Due to its broad and multi-faceted positive properties for the skin, ximenic acid is worth including in daily care. It can be used every day as part of facial cosmetics. For many people, the word "acid" raises justified concerns, but this is unnecessary - unlike AHA, BHA or PHA acids, it does not have an exfoliating effect, and therefore potentially irritating. Both body and face care cosmetics can be safely introduced into your daily ritual.


Cosmetic products with ximenic acid – where can you find it?

What products contain ximenic acid? Primarily in body cosmetics, especially those with a firming and tightening effect, for example for use in the fight against the visibility of cellulite. Therefore, it is suitable for the buttocks, thighs and bust areas. The addition of ximenic acid is also successfully used in hair products because it stimulates microcirculation in the scalp structures.

On the shelves with Lynia products you can find intensively regenerating eye cream with ximenic acid, which has a regenerative and gently lifting effect. It is recommended to use it once or twice a day as part of varied care. It helps to improve the tension and strengthening of the epidermis, visibly improving the skin's structure and appearance.

Multi Repair Eye Cream to niezwykle bogaty krem do pielęgnacji okolic oczu. Oprócz kwasu ksymenowego w jego składzie znajdziemy również ceramidy, peptydy oraz kofeinę.

Xymenic acidis an extremely interesting substance that is worth using in skin care - both for those with the first and subsequent signs of aging. It significantly improves elasticity and resistance to damage, without causing any side effects.

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