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A wooden dry massage brush from our brand Lynia. Made of high-quality beech wood and the bristles are made of natural agave fiber (tampico). It has a comfortable strap to hold the brush during massage and decorative nails. Perfect for massaging the skin all over the body, improving blood circulation and stimulating the body and senses. Tampico fiber is a natural fiber from the Agave plant that grows in Mexico. Tampico softens in water and is therefore one of the best raw materials for cleaning the body. Dry body massage: Daily dry brushing of the skin guarantees a noticeable improvement in its appearance and overall well-being. Visible skin rejuvenation, even skin tone, reduction of cellulite, stimulation of circulation - the skin after the massage is visibly congested, making it look better and more elastic, removing toxins from the body, reducing swelling on the legs, nourishing the tissues, enlarging the pores through body heat, thanks to which increases the air flow to the skin, as well as help in combating the problem of ingrown hairs after depilation - these are the benefits that can be brought by introducing body brushing into your daily care routine. Body brushing has a cleansing effect on the body. By massaging with a brush, we stimulate blood circulation and the lymphatic system, which removes harmful metabolic products from the body. When the lymphatic system does not work hard enough, we feel heavy and our legs and arms are swollen. Brushing will help us get rid of this feeling. How to brush? It is best to brush your skin in the morning, which stimulates and gives you energy for the whole day. Of course, we also highly recommend an evening massage, which will relax the muscles that are tense after the whole day. Brushing can be done every day, but it may seem unpleasant at first, but don't be discouraged because your skin will quickly get used to it and the effects will be exceptional. However, it is worth performing this treatment with lower intensity at the beginning, so that the body gets used to this new experience. When massaging the body, the principle of movement is from bottom to top. We start with the feet and then move to the calves and thighs. Massage the belly with gentle circular movements. Hand massage should start with the hands, then move towards the shoulders and up to the neck. The bust area is particularly delicate, so only subtle, circular movements should be made around the breasts. It is worth massaging the buttocks and back thoroughly, keeping the principle of moving towards the heart. During the massage, make long movements with the brush and do not press it too hard against the skin. Avoid places where the skin is damaged, wounds, inflammations and varicose veins. The entire care ritual should last about 5-10 minutes. Brushing should not be prolonged, as the body will quickly get used to excessive stimuli and will no longer respond appropriately to them

Wet and dry massage brush

SKU: 5900718900614
  • Storage

    At temperatures up to 21°C.

  • Use

    To the body

  • Ingredients

    Beech wood, agave (tampico)

  • Volume


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  • Vegan product


  • Contraindications


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