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Our story

Focused on success

We're a leader in our industry, so we're used to working with a variety of clients - local and global, large and small. The foundation of our company is exceptional quality, which determines all activities - from the purchase of raw materials to optimal methods of serving our customers.

We operate in a highly competitive industry and therefore need to continually invest in technology and research to stay one step ahead of the competition. Our concern for quality is a guarantee of success and customer satisfaction.



All our substances are standardized in the laboratory.

We work in harmony with Nature - Our cosmetics are cruelty-free

Thanks to active substances, we can stop the aging process and improve the quality of the skin

Lynia specializes in creating solutions focused on the specific needs of not only healthy but also problematic skin. The products are created using the highest quality raw materials, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed in laboratory tests (in-vivo and in-vitro).

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