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Private Label

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our latest project, the portal Sinellan. Our offer includes the possibility of purchasing, among others: ready-made cosmetic recipes, often with complete tests. This is an innovative solution enabling the quick implementation of new cosmetic projects. We invite you to cooperate, and if you have any questions, please contact uscontact.

Portal page:


Who we are?

Our company strives for perfection in discovering newer and newer cosmetic formulas. We combine natural ingredients with innovative technologies, based on the latest trends and innovations. We have extensive experience in creating modern solutions and amenities.


Why is it worth working with us?

Our crew consists of a team of experienced technologists who constantly expand their knowledge and scope of competences. The cosmetic formulas they create are modern, safe for the skin, and their effects are properly tested before being put on sale.


What can we do for you? Area of our activities

Having access to modern research and technology, we are able to provide you with comprehensive services related to introducing the product to the market - including private label, which include:

  • development of a full concept of cosmetic products,

  • creating a recipe based on natural ingredients and modern technologies,

  • selection of compatible packaging, optimal for a given formula,

  • assistance in creating a full visual identification, including the brand logo, labels and additional packaging such as cartons,

  • support in introducing a product (or series of products) to the market.


Top-class cosmetics

The products we produce are made of high-quality raw materials. Our research and development laboratory allows us to better understand the properties of substances, combine them with advanced active ingredients and produce innovative formulas that will appeal to even the most demanding users.


Solutions in harmony with nature

Our cosmetics are safe for the skin, and during their production we use the gifts of nature, which combined with active ingredients create satisfying compositions. Our laboratory does not test on animals and we require the same from our suppliers. At your request, we are able to provide ecological product packaging that does not burden the environment.



We adapt the nature of activities to your needs. Let us get to know them and we will create a satisfying vision. We offer various forms of cooperation in the production and marketing of products. We specialize in white cosmetics, i.e. intended for care treatments.

We are open to original forms of cooperation - contact us and we will certainly discover the optimal model of cooperation.



We cooperate with wholesalers and retail stores. We offer attractive prices, flexible payment terms and a wide range of private label products.  Together we will find the perfect set for you.

Contract manufacturing

In this form of cooperation, we offer short or long series of cosmetic products - we guarantee an approach adapted to the market situation and our experience. Thorough analyzes and research allow us to be flexible.



If you are concerned about issues related to cooperation, the company's operational areas or our vision, do not hesitate to write to us and we will certainly dispel your doubts:


  • we will tell you about the scope of activities offered;

  • we will find the optimal solution that will fully satisfy you;

  • we will prepare a comprehensive offer tailored to your expectations and ideas;

  • we will reveal to you the secrets of our production.


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